Dudes Change Your Ways with some Power in 90 Days. Daily blog by Jack Benza

Dudes I am three weeks into my cleanse, 21 days, and what I feel is POWER. The Power to pay off debt.

The Power to do whatever I want as I shave off the pounds and my arms are looking damn good.

The Power to set up meetings with managers and Hollywood people into pushing my movie.

Power to walk into an audition with fucking confidence.

The Power to say nah I don’t need that smoke or drink after work.

I like feeling healthy. I love that my income now consists of Royalties from my book and Residuals from my commercial, besides my day job. The kind R and R every entertainer likes.. My day job is also a night job. I am a bartender and a waiter at times. Because of my cleanse I am making more money at work with the tips I am getting. I make connections with people and they want to give me more. I actually care about the people I take care of when I am on this 90 Days Til Redemption. I am focused, motivated and dedicated to getting “it” done. 

It is a feeling I recommend checking out. You know the book. You know the author. Power baby!


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